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Holiday Safety Tips

Posted: December 18, 2017 by Rebekah Holten

When you are busy decking the halls and trimming the tree it's important to remember some tips to stay safe! There are 12,500 ER visits each year due to holiday accidents and 300 fires from Christmas trees!  Keep in mind the following suggestions to keep your family safe and your holidays merry.



~If you are buying an artificial tree make sure it has a label stating that it is "Fire Resistant".

~If you will be getting a live tree check for freshness!  If the needles break off easily and snap in half it probably isn't very fresh.  If any part of the tree is dead, you should choose another tree.

 ~Make sure to keep a fresh tree watered!  If it runs out, it will start to lose moisture and be more of a fire danger.  Always keep the water full to avoid this.

~Place the tree away from the fireplace and/or radiators.



 ~Check any lights you use, indoor and outdoor, for a label stating they meet safety standards from a recognized test lab.

~Check the strands for bare wires, loose connections, broken or cracked sockets.  Throw away any lights that show these signs, they increase fire risk.

~Use only 3 standard sets of lights per extension cord.

~Use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside.

~When using lights outside fasten them securely to the home, trees or posts to protect them from the weather.

~Turn off all lights when you won't be home and when you go to bed.



~Candles...another big fire danger!  They add ambience during the holidays, but are easily forgotten.  Keep them in sight so you won't forget to put them out!  Keep them away from other decorations that could easily catch on fire.

~Other decorations...avoid sharp or breakable ones when little children are around.  It's also good to keep small ones that could be choking hazards away from kids.

~When using a ladder to put up outdoor lights or topping the tree with a star, use caution and have someone spot you.  Falls are a big cause of accidents this time of year.

By using these simple tips and a little common sense your holidays can be filled with cheer and accident free!

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